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Whether you plan to export,  you are a new exporter, or even an experienced exporter, we provide you with a wide range of services that serve as an export  toolkit to help you enter foreign markets and successfully develop your export activities.

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Do you need a quick, useful, and customized information?


Our Sector experts will immediately provide you with updated and relevant information tailored to your needs in order to:

  • Help you set-up a strategy to enter your target market
  • Assess the positioning of your product/market
  • Anticipate competition and maximize the presence of your products/services in foreign markets.

CEPEX also offers information services to foreign businessmen in order to keep them updated about the advantages and the great potentials of the Tunisian offer in terms of goods and services quality, production flexibility, price competitiveness, delivery deadlines and social accountability…

Throughout our different communication media (portals, newsletters, brochures, mailings…), our customized services, our information seminars and our library we provide you with:

  • Market-driven information
  • Sector-driven information
  • Strategic products/market studies
  • Business opportunities
  • Listings of foreign importers
  • Regulations intelligence
  • Information about international fairs and exhibitions organized by CEPEX
  • Export incentives
  • Information about the Tunisian export opportunities and advantages
  • Listings of the Tunisian exporters
  • Data about foreign trade
  • Information about the fairs and exhibitions held in Tunisia    

The Tunisia export promotion center is member of a global Trade Point network : an online trade information network launched by the world trade point federation connecting 102 TP worldwide.

Do you need any assistance?

In order to help you enter to foreign markets and improve your exporting performance, both practical training session and technical support system are organized regulary, to develop your promotional activities and stimulate your competitiveness abroad.


Do you need to improve your business opportunities or to  explore new markets?

In order to enhance your positioning in the target markets, to meet new partners and to diversify export markets, CEPEX provides you with:

  • A rich program of collective participation in multidisciplinary exhibitions as well as in international and  professional major fairs.
  • Exploring missions for  non-traditional markets.
  • B-to-B meetings



In order to optimize the value of the Tunisian export products and services, CEPEX aims to build a strong brand image that conveys a motivating  message to attract buyers, decisions makers, and international distributors to choose Tunisia as a privileged trading partner.

This promotional strategy is carried out on  two levels:

  • An institutional communication campaign about the “Tunisia export” brand
  • A sectorial communication campaign abroad

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