THE ONE STOP SHOP - How to constitute an ITC

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Declaration of constitution: the issue of the constitution deposit certificate

The international trading activity is subject to a file deposit in the Tunisia export head office which includes:

  • Declaration form of constitution and operation;
  • Copy of a valid ID card for the participating resident ;
  • Passport copy for the foreign participants ;
  • Passport copy and a residency permit copy for the non-resident Tunisians ;
  • Copy of the status and a copy of the trade register in case of a company partnership in the project ( French or Arabic translation)
  • Bank certificate ;
  • Status project ;
  • 1dinar revenue stamp ;

It’s necessary for the young entrepreneur to attach to the file :

  • A certified true copy of the diploma
  • A commitment with certified signature
  • Not reaching the age of 40 at the time of the declaration of constitution deposit ;
  • Owns at least 51% of the social capital.

After the submission, a certificate of declaration deposit is issued to the person concerned allowing him the initiation of formalities in the one stop shop of API (Agency for the promotion of industry) housing the various administrations involved in the incorporation deed(financial proceeds, tax control, the court registry, the official journal, customs…)


  • The registrations of the statutes (financial proceeds)
  • Opening of the trading license
  • Registration with the registry of companies (court registry)
  • JORT Insertion
  • Opening of the code 59 for non-resident international trading companies in the directorate general of customs
  • Customs entries
  • Submission of Resident permit application for non-residents
  • Advertising insertion of ITC constitution in two daily newspapers (Arabic / French) in accordance with the Commercial Companies Code

.Note: A copy of the International trading company legal file must be given to CEPEX (ITC service) within 30 days following the date of the declaration deposit certificate.

Does the declaration deposit certification have validity?


The validity of the declaration of ITC constitution is 2 years renewable at the date of grant, given the turnover to export as specified in the regulations in force.

How to renew the declaration certificate of deposit?

  • Renewal Application
  • Copy of the resident permit for non-resident Tunisian entrepreneur
  • Notify any changes to CEPEX
  • The turnover during the last two years and indication of origins for the product (import-export)

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