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Tunisia’s foreign trade in a nutshell (year 2015)

  • Decline of trade exchange between  Tunisia and the rest of the world of -4.5% ,decreasing from 70.449,3 million dinars to 67.262 million dinars
  • An average annual increase over the past five years (2011-2015) for the total exports and imports of +2.6% and +4.3%, respectively.
  • Revenue decline of exports of goods, at a current price of -2.8% (against + 2.5% at the end of 2014 compared to 2013) and from 28.406,7 million dinars to 27.607,2 million dinars, due mainly to the revenue regression of the energy and lubricants sector. This decrease is a combination of a volume effect of -2.2% and a price effect of about -0.6%.
  • The breakdown of the change in revenue from goods exports between 2015 and 2014 revealed that nearly 79% results from the volume effect and only 21% from the prices increase (the combined effect of the exchange rate and prices in foreign currencies)
  • Improvement of the export earnings of manufacturing industries of +3.7% going from  23.675,1 million  dinars to 24.544,5 million dinars representing 88.9% of Tunisia’s overall exports (against a share of around 83.3% in 2014)
  • Improvement of the trade deficit of 1.588,2 million dinars reaching 12.047,7 dinars. In other words, Tunisia monthly buys from abroad 1.000 million dinars more than it sells.
  • 2 points improvement in coverage rate to stand at 69.6%
  • Excluding energy, lubricants, Phosphate and mining products exports increased of + 6.4% (against +5.6% a year earlier) and from 23,047 million dinars to 24.510,5 million dinars.
  • Excluding energy and lubricants exports registered an increase of +3.9% (against 5% a year earlier). This appreciation was mainly due to a positive price effect of 3.8%.
  • At the level of exchanges made under the offshore system, the traditional surplus increased of 212.3 million dinars.
  • Near stagnation of sales under the offshore system (68.2% of total goods exports in 2015). This deceleration is due to lower exports of textile and clothing sector under the offshore system of -394.7 million dinars.


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